The composite industry uses high-performance vinyl ester resins and epoxy systems included in a broad range of applications. These resins meet a wide variety of designs, chemical and physical needs. The high strength-weight, toughness and fatigue resistance of resins have made them the best choice in industries and applications, such as anti-corrosion, windmill, marine, automobile, military, aerospace, sports and building & construction. Swancor also provides a range of recyclable thermosetting resins, which enables recycling and reuse of composite parts. 

Vinyl Ester Resins

Swancor epoxy vinyl ester resins are designed to meet the demands for the Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) industry, particularly for those requiring high performance of corrosion resistance. The resins are manufactured with unique technology and shown great chemical resistance, as well as good physical properties in recommended conditions. 

The product series show outstanding corrosion-resistant and temperature-resistant properties, which makes them well suited for a variety of demanding industrial anti-corrosion applications. Over many years, Swancor resins have shown good long term performance when used in composite tanks, pipes’ structural parts made for the corrosion resistant applications. 

The high resilience, high HDT, water resistance, fatigue properties and low exotherms of Swancor vinyl ester resins also makes them suitable for marine applications, such as boat hulls and swimming pools. The products are DNV certified.

Swancor epoxy vinyl ester resins are also used in building and construction applications, where resistance to high static and dynamic loads is required. Another application area can be polymer concrete casting.

They can be applied by hand lay-up laminating, spray-up, pultrusion, resin transfer molding (RTM)/infusion and filament winding. 

Epoxy Systems for Composite Solutions

Swancor has designed a wide variety of epoxy systems for the different applications in the FRP sector such as filament winding, RTM & infusion, hand-lay up, pultrusion, adhesives and prepegs. To find out more about Swancor epoxy systems, please contact our experts.

Recyclable Thermosetting Resins

Swancor’s two new products, “EzCiclo” and “CleaVER”, offer solutions which enable recycling and reuse of composite parts. “EzCiclo”, is a recyclable and reusable epoxy resin. With “EzCiclo”, glass or carbon fiber composites could be recycled and degraded via “CleaVER” technology. This technology turns waste into reclaimed glass/carbon fibers and oligomers, which reuses both reinforcement and resin by closing the loop, and the recycling process does not generate waste solvents and pollution. It can be applied across a range of industries and manufacturing processes, not only in the wind energy industry but also in sporting, CCL, transport industries etc.


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