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From being for many years a Nordic distributor of chemical raw materials, Bjørn Thorsen A/S has grown today into a diverse group of companies (‘BTG’). Nowadays, BTG has a much larger scope, a range of proprietary products and an increasing global presence. This enables BTG to provide innovative solutions for the plastics, adhesives, coatings, compounding, digital transfers and many more industries. As our company and its capabilities expand, with for instance new administrative branches established recently in China and in France, so does our responsibility towards our employees, our planet and the communities we operate in. 

Sustainable practices at BTG

Sustainability takes an increasingly important part of daily business operations of BTG. With full management attention, this key function has become an essential component in building environmentally and economically sustainable commercialization avenues. Our sustainability agenda drives not only our distribution business (Bjørn Thorsen A/S), but also all of the BTG affiliates with own products: Customized Compound Solutions A/S (CCS), Nordic Grafting Company A/S (NGC), Nordic Formulation Technology A/S (NFT), Klarsø A/S and Digital Serigraphic Technologies A/S (DST), as well as our Chinese joint ventures: BT Solutions Zhuhai Co., Ltd. (BT SOL) and Nordic Grafting & Compound Solutions Co., Ltd. (NGCS). 

The corporate social sustainability path we have chosen doesn’t pertain only to products we distribute or those our affiliates manufacture. It’s so much more than that. It’s a perfect circle of all economic, environmental and social aspects that impact who we are as a company and how we envision the world to be for generations to come.  

Throughout BTG, from material sourcing to in-house practices and manufactured products, our aim is to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. This requires ambition and discipline, because, in order to effectively integrate sustainability in our global systems and processes, all departments are required to communicate and cooperate efficiently. 

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