About us

Bjørn Thorsen A/S: privately-owned distributor

We are built around the privately-owned Bjørn Thorsen A/S distributor. Our core team focuses on sales of a wide range of products from leading chemical manufacturers e.g. BYK, ExxonMobil, Lubrizol, Borealis, Cabot, Sun Chemicals, Venator, DRT and others. We supply  to Northern European customers active in diverse end uses in Automotive, Coating, Construction, Industrial, Medical, etc. We have flexible and efficient logistics services from warehouses in European and other locations around the world.

Our portfolio includes raw materials for different markets, e. g. Adhesives & Sealants, Cleaners, Coatings & Inks, Compounding & Masterbatches, Concrete & Mastics, Flexible Lamination, Thermoplastics, Medical TPU, Textile & Nonwovens, Road & Roofing, Rubber, PVC, Color, appearance and physical testing instruments, etc. 

Bjørn Thorsen A/S group (BTG): own products

In recent years, we have increasingly acted as true solution provider, leveraging our considerable application and processing technology know-how. In addition, we benefit from capabilities and development expertise of our affiliates, Customized Compound Solutions A/S (CCS), Nordic Grafting Company A/S (NGC) and Nordic Formulation Technology A/S (NFT). These daughter companies complement our offering with their own ranges of customized alloys, compounds, reactive polymers, dispersions and solutions. Their offerrings are available globally in response to individual needs. Through its recent acquisition of Digital Serigraphic Technologies A/S (DST), the group is also engaged in the development and commercialization of innovative and flexible solutions for the heat transfer industry. DST provides their matched component system, which is a unique combination of materials used in digital printing. Find out more about each affiliate on their websites: www.ccs-nordic.comwww.ngc-nordic.com and www.dst-digital.com.

Broader solutions through proprietary developments

As stated in our vision, we aim to close gaps between commercially available polymers and compounds with demanding market requirements. In order to do that, we decided to expand our product offering by making the best out of existing technologies and enhancing them. We do that using our extensive experience in formulation tailoring. In recent years, our company signed two license agreements with ExxonMobil. This enabled the creation of two producing subsidiaries: CCS for enhanced TPVs and NGC for grafted performance polymers as compatibilizers. 

To be able to provide added value and innovative solutions to our customers, we now have access to an in-house lab facility. We also continuously invest in highly skilled employees to ensure our development programs adequately respond to our customer needs.

A bit of history

Our company was established in Denmark in 1952 as a traditional agency/distributor company of chemical products. Through the seventies, our portfolio was gradually extended to include a very large cross-section of raw materials sought by a wide variety of industries.  By early 1990, it was becoming clear that target markets in Nordic countries were expecting more specialization and consolidation from its chosen suppliers.  Consequently, we chose to fully leverage the more specialized parts of our product range from BYK, Santoprene™ TPV from ExxonMobil and Estane® TPU from Lubrizol.  We also decided to focus on fewer areas of activity where our competence and market access is most advanced.

Investments in Nordic region

During the last decade, we also invested heavily in Sweden, with the following milestones:

  • 2006: Acquisition of Ramkem AB, specialized in the coating and rubber industry
  • 2009: Opening of sales office in Gothenburg, for Santoprene TPV distribution
  • 2010: Acquisition of SCC (Scandinavian Colour & Compound), distributor specialized in rubber & adhesives market
  • 2015: Acquisition of Garvson AB, Swedish distributor specialized in coatings and textiles
  • 2020: Acquisition of majority share in DST, which provides solutions for the digital transfer industry, based on a combination of release liners, inks, adhesives and special additives

Our company today

Today, we are fully established in Sweden, Finland and Norway, also covering additional areas like the Baltic countries and Iceland.
Our company currently employs close to 40 people. The headquarters and administration are located in Hellerup, Copenhagen area. Our warehouses are strategically located in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Geographical expansion

In addition to our ongoing focus on Nordic markets, we felt the need to expand our presence in new territories. By doing so, we are able to support global material needs of our international accounts and realize the full potential of our affiliates.

Western Europe

In partnership with Gymap S.A., opportunities in France for CCS products are actively pursued and warehousing for some of our portfolio is now available. We have expanded our activities in France through the creation of a new subsidiary, Bjørn Thorsen SAS, on September 1, 2019. The company will focus on providing technical expertise and operational support, especially to our affiliates CCS and NGC. This reinforced presence in France will allow us to support our international accounts, pursue new opportunities and leverage the full potential of our daughter companies.

As of January 1, 2020, Bjørn Thorsen is the official distributor for Santoprene TPV and Geolast TPV from ExxonMobil Chemical in the United Kingdom & Ireland.


We have set-up an active presence in China by launching a new joint venture (JV), BT Solutions Zhuhai Co., Ltd. (BT Solutions) on February 20, 2019. BT Solutions is JV with key innovative local players, Chongqing Techxanadu Industrial Co., Ltd. (TechXanadu) and Wuhan Creworld Technology Co., Ltd (Creworld Tech.). The JV will focus on Chinese demands for enhanced post-consumer and post-industrial recyclates. It will leverage the unique benefits of the Acti-Tech™ compatibilizers range, developed by BT’s NGC affiliate. Moreover, it will serve as a platform for commercialization in China of the entire BTG portfolio of specialty polymers and chemicals, as well as proprietary thermoplastic and functionalized compounds.

In Q4 2019, our affiliates CCS and NGC together with TechXanadu – affiliate of Good Mark Industrial Limited – have announced the creation of a production and commercialization JV in China, Nordic Grafting & Compound Solutions Co., Ltd. (NGCS).  NGCS will produce advanced specialty compounds and compatibilizers targeted at replacing non-recyclable thermoset solutions with recycled thermoplastic solutions. 


We are also in the process of establishing a regional footprint in the USA to expand our reach and solution offering to this important market.