Life Science Polymers

Life Science Polymers from Lubrizol

Thanks to our extended collaboration with Lubrizol, the global leader in TPU, we have been strongly committed to the medical industry for many years, where we can provide the best and most optimal Life Science Polymers materials and solutions to the industry based on several different needs and uses.

The product portfolio is based on a wide range of polymers including thermoplastic polyurethane grades across five key brands shown in the list below. Some of the applications for the medical TPU are: cardiology, urology, vascular, implantable devices, wound care, etc.

Medical grade biomaterials & polymers

The products are designated as medical grade biomaterials, having passed either USP Class VI, MEM Elution or other relevant tests in order to establish their biocompatibility and biostability. The passing of the grades also ensures that the products are of high quality and qualified to use in various applications in the Life Science industry.

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