We bring added value

We aim to bring added value across our entire supply chain. For decades, we have established ourselves as the supplier of choice for users of specialty chemicals in Nordic markets. We are known for our ability to offer innovative technical and commercial solutions.  

Many of our customers expect selected materials to be supplied to their locations across international markets. To address this, we have established a presence in all three main world areas and are continuously looking to expand our global reach, either directly or via selected partners. 

We have set up dedicated producing affiliates that build on extensive technology competences in different areas like compounding, grafting, and pre-coloring. At the same time, we have access to state-of-the-art universities and lab resources, which enables development of special tailored materials to individual needs.

We bring certainty

We strive to deliver certainty to our customers. We do this by professionally handling the distribution of products, keeping track records, and being consistent in our daily operations. Throughout the years, we have enjoyed a stable and committed ownership that focuses on sustaining local and global profitable growth. At the same time, we have maintained an ongoing attention to responsible cost management. 

This has been translated into a robust capital base that enables further investments in equipment and resources. Besides, it facilitates an ongoing pursuit of opportunities to grow our capability to deliver our mission, specifically to customers.

We bring solutions

We intend to be a solution provider. We recognize that customers rely on suppliers to identify and offer innovative, effective, yet affordable material responses to their application requirements. We have access to a large portfolio of specialty thermoplastics, additives, and chemicals through our long-time association with different raw material suppliers. What is more, we can leverage some of their technologies and refine them with our material knowledge and processing expertise. By doing this, we can develop proprietary alloys, compounds, or customized formulations most tailored to customers’ specific needs.

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