FUNDAMENTALS we're built on


Bjørn Thorsen A/S (BT) is an expanding group, anchored on competitive distribution of specialty raw materials with additional innovative own product capabilities. Our core values focus on trustworthiness, knowledge, efficiency and certainty. We guide all of our actions by our company’s DNA to ensure success to our customers, principals, shareholders and employees.


We bridge the products and services gap in unfilled market needs between principals and customers in our target industries.


Our mission is to deliver added value through ongoing innovation to both customers and principals. We combine the strength of a broad product portfolio from our many principals with the value of customized proprietary solutions developed by our affiliates. For more details refer to the About us page.


Years of stable and committed ownership have reinforced the powerful synergy between a solid capital base and sound cost structure. This has resulted in a long track record of profitable growth both locally and globally.


We strive to successfully realize our mission by:

  • Drive key value differentiators
  • Constantly challenge technology innovation
  • Privilege sustainable approach and solutions
  • Focus on fit markets leveraging principals
  • Capitalize on corporate DNA enablers

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Bjørn Thorsen A/S
Søholm Park 1
2900 Hellerup

Direct number:
+45 35 43 88 43 

Safety advisor:
+45 24 95 82 83