Ultra Purge™ speeds up color changes and removes carbon

Chem-Trend’s Ultra Purge™ PO extracts the material residues that can build-up in hot runner systems and cause hang up spots in injection moulded...

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Chem Trend - a supplier to Bjorn Thorsen

Chem-Trend’s Ultra Purge™ PO extracts the material residues that can build-up in hot runner systems and cause hang up spots in injection moulded parts weeks after a colour change.

Chem-Trend has invested extensively in R&D to develop grades of Ultra Purge™ that are compatible with a wide range of hot runner technologies supplied by the world’s leading hot runner systems manufacturers.

A recent trial made by Chem-Trend demonstrated that Ultra Purge™ PO purging compound can also pull carbon chunks from injection moulders’ hot runner systems. Industry experts from Chem-Trend, indicate that changing to Ultra Purge™ can boost efficiency in industrial packaging injection moulding processes and reduce costs.

At a bucket manufacturer’s site, Chem-Trend’s European Sales Manager for Ultra Purge™ Graziano Pestarino observed that using Ultra Purge™ PO, production downtime and scrappage decreased by 50 per cent compared to the purge compound previously used.

Graziano Pestarino said, “The trials with Ultra Purge™ PO showed chunks of carbon being pulled out from the hot runners. As for the colour change, Ultra Purge™ PO was not only pulling out the red colour from the previous production run, but also traces from earlier used colours. Though the performed cleaning of screw and barrel by the previous used purge compound was adequate, it was failing to purge the hot runner systems. That lingering contamination is what led to excessive downtime and scrappage.”

Ultra Purge™ PO has also shown to be more economical to use, as the bucket manufacturer previously has been using double the ultrapurge compound needed compared to the Ultra Purge™ PO compound.

To learn more, visit Chem-Trend or contact Bjørn Thorsen Sales Manager Claus Jørn Jespersen on cjj@bjorn-thorsen.com.

UItra purge from chem trend
UItra purge from chem trend
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