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Bjørn Thorsen A/S renews distribution contract with UOP CH Sárl

On January 16, UOP CH Sárl and Bjørn Thorsen agreed to prolong their
cooperation until the end of 2019.

Bjørn Thorsen will therefore continue to represent UOP Sárl CH in all industrial segments in the Nordic countries for below mentioned products:

• L-Powder, L-Powder ECO, L-Paste, L-Paste ECO, 4A Activated Powder
• UOP Beads – 4A, XH-7,13X, 13X APG, APG III, PSA02 XP
• UOP Pellets – 3A, 3A-EPG, 4A, 4A-DG, 13X, 13X APG

The three product groups all have their origin in the same chemistry, generally known as Molecular Sieves.
The first group of products are used for water absorbents, where water is not desired in a product. This could for example be in the production of natural and biogases, where water reduces the calorific value which can cause corrosion. Furthermore, the products are used for Polyurethane coatings, where water makes the coating set hard, before it is intended to harden.

The second two groups are more sophisticated, as they absorb other volatile gases such as ammoniac, sulphur, and similar unwanted components.
This step involves a new activity for Bjørn Thorsen, and we look forward to offer our services together with high quality products from UOP Sárl CH.

For more information, contact sales manager Peter Tikjøb on


Posted on 24 January 2018