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Lubrizol’s Estane® TPU overcomes challenges for hose manufacturers

Lubrizol has developed Estane TPU resins specifically for hose made from materials composed of ingredients that are allowed under the current EU and US regulations which marks a new era of Lubrizol. In addition to this, the newly developed estane solutions also live up to all forms of food compliance.

Estane® 58300 NAT 036 TPU results in flexible, lightweight hoses resistant to several chemicals and extreme weather.

As Lubrizol claim on their own website: 

“The Estane TPU portfolio bridges the gap between flexible rubber and rigid plastics.”

In other words, there is an incredibly wide variety of uses for estane resins.

Estane offers multiple added benefits such as:
  • Low temperature flexibility
  • Very good UV stability
  • Very good abrasion resistance
  • Enhanced flow properties
  • Very good hydrolysis and microbial resistance
  • Guaranteed easy processing and water tightness

The mentioned properties make many applications possible for Estane 58300 NAT 036 TPU with a better quality of material.

It is ideal for suction and transport hoses, hoses that deliver food liquids and street cleaning vehicles or any applications where microbial resistance is required.

Other potential industrial markets for estane resin include roofing membranes, films and tubes.

Photo courtesy of the Lubrizol corporation.

For further information contact Sofie Rimestad at or visit Lubrizol’s website