Flexible Polymer Solutions

Bjørn Thorsen’s flexible polymer solutions comprise a broad product portfolio and substantial application and processing technology know-how. Below is an overview of some of the products and capabilities.

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Bjørn Thorsen’s flexible polymer solutions comprise a broad product portfolio and substantial application and processing technology know-how. Below is an overview of some of the products and capabilities.


A wide range of TPV grades from Celanese are available in the distribution portfolio. It can be used in a variety of engineered automotive, industrial and consumer applications. Key attributes of the material are: broad range of hardnesses from 35A to 50D, temperature range from -60°C to 135°C, excellent sealing performance, outstanding chemical resistance, good aging performance, recycling opportunities, design flexibility.

Lubrizol Engineering Polymers & Lubrizol Life Science

Lubrizol’s TPU is a highly functional elastomer with unique properties that offers superior performance and processing flexibility.  The product line distributed by Bjørn Thorsen consists of polyester, polyether, polycarbonate and specialty adhesive compounds. The key to TPU’s versatility is that its hardness can be highly customized, the product displaying following properties: low temperature performance, high abrasion resistance, oils and grease resistance, transparency, high elasticity, high shear strength, low temperature performance. Engineered TPU, Bio TPU, RETPU and ECO TPU are chosen for applications in a wide variety of markets: wire & cable, film & sheet, hose & tube, adhesives, performance footwear & apparel, compounding, specialty molded parts, transportation. Medical TPU and ETPU are functional polymer solutions suitable for various medical applications: cardiology, urology, vascular, implantable devices, and wound care.


Through its collaboration with Borealis, Bjørn Thorsen is able to supply solutions based on polyolefin plastomers and elastomers to customers. The products show following significant benefits: reduced crystallinity, improved flexibility and low temperature impact, decreased density, and lower melting point. Plastomers are suitable for a wide variety of applications such as flexible and rigid high performance packaging, soft flexible moldings, and specialty compounds for a vast number of end uses like wires, cables and automotive acoustic insulation. Elastomers are the material of choice for end-uses such as interior and exterior car parts, adhesives, cable compounds, grafted polymers and highly resilient surfaces.


Plasticizers from Valtris are available for polymer systems including PVC, latex, polyurethane, and polysulfide to name a few. The products show properties like exceptional permanence, cold temperature flexibility, flame retardancy and resistance to extraction, migration, and exudation. They are targeted for applications in the following industries: building & construction, coated fabrics, film & sheet, plastisols, sealants & adhesives, transportation.


Nurel’s biopolymers represent the sustainable solution to applications where biodegradable plastics offer higher value. Their biopolymers are compatible with standard fillers, additives and biopolymer based master-batches and can be processed by injection or extrusion methods using conventional equipments. Bjørn Thorsen distributes also the polyamide 6 & 66 for extrusion, injection molding, cables & tubes, filaments & fibers, and other applications.

Proprietary products: CCS & NGC

To close gaps between commercially available polymers and compounds with increasingly demanding market requirements, Bjørn Thorsen has expanded its product offering by capitalizing on existing technologies and enhancing them by use of its extensive experience in formulation tailoring. In recent years, this enabled the creation of two producing subsidiaries, CCS for enhanced TPVs and NGC for grafted performance polymers as compatibilizers.

Bjørn Thorsen distributes the unique and proprietary range of functionalized compatibilizers from NGC. They are used as impact modifiers of stiff polar engineering thermoplastics, coupling agents enabling higher filler loadings, adhesion promoters on metal & polar substrates, as well as performance booster of recycled feeds, among other purposes.

CCS’ innovative and reliable source of PET/PP customized solutions shaped around engineered thermoplastic elastomers are also available via Bjørn Thorsen. Customers have access to flexible halogen free flame retardant (HFFR) compounds, precolored TPV, powder solutions, TPV bonding grades, high tensile TPVs and TPO alternatives for consumer applications.

About the Bjørn Thorsen A/S group (BTG)

The Bjørn Thorsen group (BTG) is built around the privately-owned Bjørn Thorsen A/S distributor.  Its core team focuses on sales of a wide range of products from leading chemical manufacturers to Northern European customers active in diverse end uses in Automotive, Coating, Construction, Industrial, Medical, etc.  For more information regarding the distribution portfolio, visit www.bjorn-thorsen.com.

In recent years, BTG has increasingly acted as true solution provider, leveraging its considerable application and processing technology know-how, together with flexible and efficient logistics services from warehouses in several European and other locations around the world.  This broader capability is reinforced by the development expertise of its affiliates, Customized Compound Solutions A/S (CCS), Nordic Grafting Company A/S (NGC) and Nordic Formulation Technology A/S (NFT) that complement BTG’s offering with their own ranges of customized alloys, compounds, reactive polymers, dispersions and solutions, available globally in response to individual needs.  Through its recent acquisition of Digital Serigraphic Technologies A/S (DST), the group is also engaged in the development and commercialization of innovative and flexible solutions for the transfer industry with a unique combination of dedicated materials used in digital printing. Find out more about BTG affiliates on their websites: www.ccs-nordic.com, www.ngc-nordic.com and www.dst-digital.com.

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