Alkyd Emulsions

Alkyd emulsions are used as wood impregnation, bringing forward the original wood color and providing deep fungi protection efficacy. 

Polyurethane modified versions of alkyd emulsions give excellent substrate adhesion, providing hard film formation and flexibility.

Solvent Based Alkyds

Solvent-based alkyds are used as metal primers, wood impregnation and opaque film development, providing water repellency and mold resistance.

High Solid Alkyds

High solid alkyds give the formulator the ability to create low emission coatings, with a flexible film formation, low water uptake and mold resistance. 

Styrene Acrylics

Styrene acrylics ensure formulation of zero emission interior paints and new technologies without preservatives and MIT. Styrene acrylics contain sustainable raw materials that reduce the carbon footprint and give the formulator the possibility to obtain EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan Ecolabel approvals.


Acrylics are materials of choice for exterior wood and mineral surface coatings, rendering low water uptake, mold resistance and durable UV protected film formation. 


Distribution in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland

Distribution in Denmark, Sweden and Norway

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