Performance polymers for hotmelt adhesives (HMA)

Propylene based performance polymers for HMA have low-viscosity polymers as majority component of the adhesive formulation. They perform with lower density and higher mileage. Some of the key characteristics are: low odor and minimal color, stable viscosity, improved adhesion, broad processing window & application temperature range and high consistent tack, with adjustable open/set times.

TPU for hotmelt adhesives (HMA)

TPU is a highly versatile, easy-to process polymer that is utilized in hot melts, solvent-based adhesives, adhesive films and HMPUR (commonly known as Hot Melt Polyurethane Reactive or RHM: Reactive Hot Melt). The portfolio includes resins that are adhesive, bio-based, recyclable, light, stable, user friendly or chemically resistant. This combined adhesive product line can be applied in a variety of end-uses: automotive, furniture, wood structures, apparel, medical garments, footwear and construction.

Copolyester and Copolyamides for hotmelt adhesives

Thermoplastic hot melt adhesives are meant for technical and textile bonding applications. The portfolio includes polymers based on copolyamides (CoPA) and copolyesters (CoPES) with wide range of melting temperatures, viscosities and emission levels. The materials are available in various powder fractions as well as in pellet form and in suspensions.



Distribution in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Baltics and Iceland

Distribution in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. 

Distribution in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Baltics and Iceland. 

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