Unlock the World of Color with PigmentViewer by Sun Chemical

The PigmentViewer app by Sun Chemical provides realistic portrayals of pigment applications and their coloristic behavior.

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PigmentViewer is a new app launched by Sun Chemical, which redefines the way we interact with color in the digital age, serving as a window into a world of possibilities, enabling us to harness the true power of pigmnets and colors like never before.

Why PigmentViewer?

The importance of color in our lives cannot be overstated. Understanding how to find the right color is crucial for professionals within coating, marine, construction, and many other industries. And that’s where PigmentViewer steps in. With PigmentViewer, you can study effect and color pigments in a photorealistic format from various angles just as a physical sample under a shining light source.

Key features and benefits:

Precision color matching

PigmentViewer allows you to accurately match colors in the digital realm to real-world samples. This means you can now seamlessly translate your creative vision from your mind to the screen and, ultimately, to the final product.

Virtual experimentation

With PigmentViewer, you can experiment with different color combinations in a virtual environment, saving time, materials, and costs. It’s a game-changer for designers and artists seeking that perfect match.

Enhanced collaboration

This app simplifies the collaboration process by providing a platform where individuals and teams can share and compare color data effortlessly, minimizing miscommunication and discrepancies.


Sun Chemical understands the importance of sustainability. PigmentViewer helps you make informed choices by providing data on the environmental and economic impact of your color selections.

Applications across industries

PigmentViewer isn’t limited to one sector; its applications are wide-ranging. Graphic designers and artists can ensure their color choices match their creative vision with unparalleled precision. Manufacturers can streamline production processes, reduce waste, and enhance product quality through precise color control.

In the packaging industry, color consistency is paramount. PigmentViewer ensures that every product looks exactly as intended, whether it’s on a screen or on a shelf. For architects and interior designers, PigmentViewer is a game-changer, simplifying the color selection process for spaces and structures.

To discover how PigmentViewer can elevate your projects, visit PigmentViewer app and experience the future of color firsthand!

Sun Chemical pigments distributed by Bjørn Thorsen

Sun Chemical’s high performance pigments and preparations for coatings and plastics are distributed in the Nordic and Baltic countries by Bjørn Thorsen A/S. For any further questions regarding the PigmentViewer app or inquiries about various products, please contact our industry experts:
Emil Ström at es@bjorn-thorsen.com for Advanced Polymers;
Jonny Lönnerberg at jl@bjorn-thorsen.com for Coatings, Adhesives and Sealants.

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