Lubrizol’s Pearlbond™ 700 series breaking barriers in the TPU adhesive market

Lubrizol has developed a new thermoplastic polyutherane (TPU) for high-performing Hot Melt Adhesives (HMAs) used in various applications such as footwear, automotive, filtration, apparel interlinings, textiles, sports goods and packaging.

Lubrizol’s Pearlbond™ 700 series (700, 702 & 703) offers added benefits, such as:

– Outstanding adhesion to fabrics
– High bonding strength to rigid substrates
– Superior chemical resistance
– Good wash- and hydrolysis resistance
– Very short cycle time due to fast crystallization rate
– Improved vibration absorption

The Pearlbond 700 series has shaped and changed the TPU adhesive market by outperforming traditional materials based on its polyutherane chemistry and has many TPU applications. 

At Bjorn Thorsen, we cooperate with Lubrizol to ensure our standard is met when providing our customers with new TPU adhesives and solutions.

Photo courtesy of the Lubrizol Corporation: Pearlbond 700 series offers improved washing resistance.

Posted on 16 February 2017