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Bjørn Thorsen and ExxonMobil develop their logistic collaboration in Belgium

On 20 February 2018, Bjørn Thorsen’s Sourcing and Sales team traveled to Brussels, to meet the Account Manager Rob Chidlow and his team from ExxonMobil.

The main purpose of this visit was a general discussion concerning how ExxonMobil and Bjørn Thorsen could work together more efficiently in regards to our logistic co-operation.

“We got what we came for, and found the visit very rewarding. We are looking forward to implement our new knowledge and improve our logistic challenges” Benoît Moussu, Sourcing and Sales Assistant at Bjørn Thorsen states.

A general informative meeting was held in Brussels at ExxonMobil headquarters. Hereafter the team travelled to ExxonMobil’s central European warehouse in Antwerp, at Katoen Natie. At the site, the Bjørn Thorsen team was impressed about the size of the location. The site is 3 km long and approximately 2 km wide. “We actually got lost finding our way out from the site. It is massive”, Trine Ruby Andersen, Sourcing and Sales Assistant at Bjørn Thorsen claims.

Trine Ruby further argues that the trip was a success. “We believe that it is very effective to develop our cooperation hands-on in order to succeed with our desired improvements”. 

Posted on 28 February 2018