Protect your applications from damaging UV rays with aliphatic TPU from Lubrizol 

Driven by the increasing demand for light colours and weatherability and the trend for more creative designs in automotive interiors, sports and electronics, Lubrizol Engineered Polymers’ R&D team have improved the portfolio of aliphatic TPU solutions for moulding. All lubrizol and aliphatic TPU solutions are geared for perfection.

New Pearlthane™ D91T80 and Pearlthane D91T86 feature:

  • High-class finish aesthetics thanks to excellent colour stability and very high stain- & UV resistance 
  • Long-term performance because of outstanding abrasion- & scratch resistance, improved hydrolysis resistance and elastic and rebound performance
  • A cost-effective manufacturing solution due to a reduced cycle time.

Additionally, Lubrizol has advanced its aliphatic TPU technology with the creation of a new bio-based* aliphatic TPU that provides soft-touch feel, low density and combines durability with sustainability to apply more options for TPU applications.

At Bjorn Thorsen, we have several agreements with various Lubrizol distributors in different countries: Lubrizol Belgium, Lubrizol Netherlands etc.

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 *Bio-based content, 53% plant-based, as certified in accordance with ASTM D-6866.
Posted on 10 October 2016