Color, appearance and physical testing instruments from BYK-Gardner

Bjørn Thorsen A/S is the official distributor for Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland of BYK-Gardner instruments – global supplier to the automotive, paint, plastic industries and their respective OEMs for quality control of color, appearance and physical properties. BYK-Gardner, leading actor in this field since 1924, is part of the Altana Group and a direct subsidiary of BYK-Chemie. The collaboration further strengthens Bjørn Thorsens position as a vital key distributor for the Nordic market for testing instruments.

Color and appearance instruments control consistency and optimal aspect of multi-component products, while physical testing instruments facilitate standardized sample preparation methods and measure material properties from wet to dry stage. 

Quality reinforced through standards and guidelines

BYK-Gardner follows the Total Quality Management (TMQ) principle; their instruments are manufactured and validated in line with international standards, guidelines & procedures: DIN EN ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 14001. By following international standards, guidelines and procedures in regards to the physical instruments, Bjørn Thorsen guarantees a high quality of products for all partners in the value chain.

Below is an overview of selected BYK-Gardner instruments we offer, summarized according to their application purposes. If you are looking for more specific instruments within a certain group, please feel free to contact us.







spectro2guide 45/0; spectro-guide spher gloss;spectro2
guide d/8



byko-spectra pro; byko-spectra standard



BYK-mac i 23 mm; BYK-mac i ROBOTIC; BYK-mac i COLOR

micro-gloss; micro-TRI-gloss; micro-gloss robotic

haze-gard i


wave-scan dual; micro-wave-scan; wave-scan II

byko-chart Opacity / Penopac / Uncoated / Brushout; Spray Monitors

byko-test 8500; byko-test 4200/4500; byko-cut universal; DUALSCOPE MP0R

byko-visc Advanced EX; byko-visc Premium; byko-visc Basic EX

DIN / Ford / ISO / Zahn Cup; Bubble Viscometer Sets

temp-gard basic; temp-gard pro; Thermal Barrier

Comb Type Gages; Inmont Film Gage


Conductivity Meter; Density Cups; Permeability Cups

Digital Pocket Microscope; Precision Microscope

Pendulum Hardness Tester

Falling Dart / Light-Duty / Heavy-Duty / ISO Impact Tester

Mechanical Cupping Tester; Automatic Cupping Tester