About our coating solutions

Bjørn Thorsen distributes a diverse range of specialty chemicals and raw materials from world leading manufacturers. We serve the Northern European market: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland. We aim to be industry experts, knowing our markets and products through solid experience and a strong network.

Our coating solutions include: Decorative / Industrial / Powder / Floor Coatings and Printing Inks.

Product categories

Surface wetting, Pigment dispersing, Defoamers, etc. 

resins and binders

Alkyd Emulsions, Solvent-based Alkyds, High Solid Alkyds, etc.

pigments organic and inorganic

Titaniumdioxide, Organic and inorganic pigments, etc.

biocides for polymers, coatings & Adhesives

A variety of biocides for applications in diverse BPR classes

Matting agents glossing agents

Silica gels, Polymer beads, Waxes, Aerogel

Functional fillers

Synthetic Barium Sulphate, Natural Barium Sulphate, Fumed Silica

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