Wetting and dispering additives

Wetting and dispersing additives help to incorporate and stabilize pigments and fillers. Standard products are sufficient for polar surfaces of inorganic pigments and fillers. Tailored additives are required for organic pigments and their large low energy surfaces in order to achieve good wetting and stabilization of the system. We can offer highly effective wetting and dispersing additives based on different chemical structures and a variety of technologies.


Foam often causes problems in production and application processes. It also has a negative impact on surface coatings such as appearance and mechanical protective effects. In order to achieve the desired defoaming effect, the defoamer should have a certain degree of incompatibility in the system. The defoaming effect is generally based on a combination of hydrophobic particles and an oil component. Most common chemical structures are Mineral Oil, Silicone or Silicone free polymeric defoamers.

Rheology additives

Flow behavior of a system determines, to a considerable extent, ease of manufacturing, applicability, storage stability, sag resistance and its visual appearance after application. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of rheology additives in order to establish and optimize the viscosity profile. These additives can, for example, be based on Urea, Polyamide, Phyllosilicates, Liquid Associative Thickeners or Liquid Waxes.

Surface additives

The quality of a surface coating is considerably influenced by surface coating phenomena. It is necessary to control and coordinate the surface tension and energy on substrate and coating. When correctly managed, it will prevent wetting and levelling issues, as well as surface defects. Additionally, it has a very positive influence on surface properties. Surface additives also improve and control substrate wetting.

Wax additives

Wax additives improve a multitude of surface properties. These can be scratch and abrasion resistant, soft feel, anti-slip, matting and gloss, anti-blocking and structure, etc. We can supply wax additives in liquid emulsions and dispersions, as well as solid micronized wax additives.


Driers and Hardeners have a vital part in the curing process. We can offer modern siccatives and bio-sourced hardeners.


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