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Natural extracts from DRT

We commercialize specialty natural extracts for food supplements and nutricosmetics industries located in Nordic and Baltic countries.

Our key supplier DRT from France has accumulated over 40 years’ of experience in extracting natural vegetal extracts from maritime pine and grape seeds to produce purified pine tree molecules.

Oligopin® is a world class pine bark extract with highly beneficial properties against high blood pressure. It is also considered a natural antioxidant and was proved beneficial against ADHD.

In addition to Oligopin®, we can also propose extracts from pine trunk as well as grape seed, which offer complementary benefits for your natural food supplements.

Sustainable and GMO free

Our plant sterols and polyphenols from maritime pine and grape seed for health, beauty and well-being applications are sustainable and therefore ideal for use in food supplements. 

These ethically manufactured products are some of the purest on the market and are guaranteed to be GMO-free, such the as the Oligopin® from the French maritime pine bark which is soluble in both water and alcohol. 

Several studies have proven the Oligopin’s worth as an active ingredient in the class of polyphenols.

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Pine bark extract

Pine bark extract

Pine trunk extract

Grape seed extract