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Bjørn Thorsen aims to bring added value across its entire supply chain. For decades, we have established ourselves as the supplier of choice for users of specialty chemicals in Nordic markets. We are known for our ability to offer creative technical and commercial solutions. In addition, we are successfully developing new applications in a diverse number of targeted industries.

Yet, many of our customers now expect selected materials to be supplied to their locations across international markets. To address this, we have established a presence in all three main world areas and are continuously looking to expand our global reach, either directly or via selected partners. This will also enable to bring proven responses in one given geography to other countries and/or continents where similar requirements need to be satisfied.

We have set up dedicated producing affiliates that build on extensive technology competencies in areas like compounding, pre-coloring, grafting and formulation/mixing. At the same time, we have access to state of the art universities and lab resources. This enables development of special tailored materials to your individual needs.

Whether you are looking to resolve a particular functionality issue, an aggravating logistic problem or you are looking for assistance in setting up creative ways to address financial challenges, we are eager to assist you in finding the optimal path forward!

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